Latest Jobs at Kanad Hospital in Al Ain Healthcare Careers UAE, 2022

Kanad Hospital Careers in Dubai is looking for people who are passionate about offering the foreigners top-notch medical care.

A wide range of benefits and competitive pay are for the physicians, nurses, and the whole spectrum of other healthcare professionals.

They are all dedicated to providing medical care for the underprivileged and homeless in addition to UAE citizens and people living in the nearby country of Oman.

The medical school at United Arab Emirates University collaborates with Kanad Hospital Careers in Dubai on educational initiatives.

Over 500 employees from more than 35 different nations work at Kanad Hospital (previously known as Oasis).

About Kanad Hospital Careers in Dubai

One of the first hospitals in the UAE was Kanad Hospital, established in 1960. Oasis Hospital was the original name of the missionaries Dr. Pad and Marian Kennedy’s Kanad Hospital.

A non-profit hospital, Kanad Hospital aims to offer top-notch medical care to all patients, regardless of their ability to pay. Rich and poor, strong and weak, old and young, are all given access to healthcare services.

Due to its superior obstetrics and paediatric treatment, Kanad is one of the greatest hospitals for women and children worldwide. One of the earliest hospitals to open in Abu Dhabi, it was also the first private hospital to receive JCI accreditation.

The Kanad Hospital collaborates with the UAE University Medical School as a teaching facility to prepare fresh minds for excellent service in the delivery of high-quality healthcare.

Careers at Kanad Hospital Al Ain

Kanad Hospital Al Ain: dedicated to hiring kind individuals who can adapt to a diverse cultural setting and helps them to continue Kanad Hospital Careers in Dubai.

Over 500 workers from 35 different nations work at Kanad Hospital. The hospital is very dedicated to having talented, skilled, and committed people on its staff and acknowledges that talent may found wherever.

This hospital decides not to use any recruitment firms and instead hires workers directly. Candidates are always advised not to pay anyone for a job at Kanad Hospital and only apply on the official Kanad Careers website.

You can search through a variety of job openings in the Kanad Hospital Al Ain Administrative sector as well as positions in the hospital’s departments of Applied Health, Nursing, Midwifery, and Physician.

Benefits of Kanad Hospital Careers in Dubai

Benefits of working at Kanad Hospital Al Ain include a tax-free wage and a two-year employment contract, like most healthcare occupations in the UAE.

At Kanad Hospital Careers in Dubai, other advantages include:

1) Housing compensation

2) One paid month off

3) Relocation compensation

4) Gratuity as required by UAE law

5) Health protection

6) Time off payment

Along with all of this, you also get to work on the noble and most honorable task of serving the community and advancing medical history.

Job Details of Kanad Hospitals Careers

The details of the Kanad Hospital Careers in Dubai are:

Hospital NameKanad Hospital
Job LocationAl Ain, UAE
EducationEquivalent Degree/Diploma Holders
BenefitsAs per the UAE Labor Law
Salary RangeDiscuss During an Interview

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the Salary expected in the UAE, Kanad Hospital?

In the UAE, a Staff Nurse makes an average salary of AED 7,500 per month, which is 7% more than the comparable salary at Kanad Hospital, which is AED 7,000 per month.

What is the name of the Kanad Hospital’s owner?

Drs. Pat and Mariam Kennedy founded Kanad Hospital (previously known as Oasis Hospital) in 1960 at HH Sheikh Zayed Al Nahyan’s request.

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