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Are you tired of aimlessly searching for job opportunities online? ! We have compiled a list of the latest job openings in ADCB (UAE’s largest Commercial Bank) to help job seekers find the right fit for their skills and experience.

Whether you’re looking for entry-level positions or senior roles, full-time or part-time, our job posting article has something for everyone. So, sit back, relax, and explore the exciting job opportunities that await you.


ADCB, or Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank, is a leading financial institution in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) that provides diverse career opportunities for individuals interested in pursuing a career in banking and finance.

Some of the potential career opportunities at ADCB may include the following:

  1. Retail Banking: ADCB offers a range of roles in retail banking, including customer service representatives, personal bankers, and branch managers.
  2. Corporate Banking: ADCB also provides opportunities in corporate banking, such as relationship managers, credit analysts, and trade finance specialists.
  3. Risk Management: ADCB has a strong emphasis on risk management and offers roles such as risk analysts, credit risk managers, and compliance officers.
  4. Technology and Operations: ADCB is continuously seeking IT professionals, such as software developers, network engineers, and data analysts.
  5. Treasury and Markets: ADCB has a highly skilled team in treasury and markets, providing opportunities such as traders, product managers, and analysts.
  6. Human Resources: As an organization that values its employees, ADCB offers roles in HR, such as recruiters, HR business partners, and managers.

Individuals who aspire to work in the banking and finance sector can find excellent career opportunities at ADCB Careers.

ADCB Careers Jobs In 2023

Company NameAbu Dhabi Commercial Bank (ADCB)
NationalityAny Nationality
EducationEqv. Degree/ Diploma
ExperienceMust have relevant experience
Updated On
19 Feb 2023

Eligibility Criteria

The requirements to work with ADCB Careers vary job profile-wise. However, there are some general criteria that may apply to many positions. For instance, some roles may require a certain level of education, such as a degree or diploma in a relevant field.

Management roles may require a degree in business or finance, and other positions may require specific certifications or licenses. Additionally, some positions may require a certain amount of relevant work experience, such as several years of experience in a similar role.

  1. Education: Depending on the role, applicants may need to have a certain level of education, such as a degree or diploma in a relevant field.
  2. Experience: Some positions may require a certain amount of relevant work experience, such as several years of experience in a similar position.
  3. Language: Fluency in English and/or Arabic may be required for some positions since ADCB is a multinational company located in the UAE.
  4. Nationality: Certain positions may have restrictions on the nationality of the applicant due to visa regulations or other factors.
  5. Background check: Some positions may require a background check to be completed before employment.
  6. Medical fitness: Some positions may require a medical fitness certificate from a registered hospital or clinic.
  7. Passport and Emirates ID: A valid passport and Emirates ID are required for most positions to complete visas and related formalities.

Salary & Benefits

  1. Varied Compensation: ADCB Careers provides different compensation packages based on various factors such as experience, position, and location of the job.
  2. Comprehensive Health Insurance: One of the benefits that ADCB Careers offers is comprehensive health insurance. This plan covers medical expenses, hospitalization, and other health-related costs.
  3. Retirement Plans: ADCB Careers provides retirement plans, such as pension schemes or 401(k) plans, to its employees. This benefit helps them to save for their retirement.
  4. Paid Time Off ADCB employees can avail of paid time off such as vacation days, sick days, and holidays.
  5. Professional Development: ADCB Careers values the professional development of its employees and offers various training and development programs to help them advance their careers.
  6. Employee Discounts: ADCB employees are eligible for discounts on various products and services such as loans, credit cards, and other bank products.
  7. Work-Life Balance: ADCB Careers offers flexible working hours and remote working options to help employees maintain a healthy work-life balance.
  8. Relocation Assistance: ADCB Careers offers relocation assistance to its employees who are moving to a new location for a job with the bank.
  9. Other Benefits: ADCB employees may also enjoy other benefits like transportation allowances, housing allowances, end-of-service benefits, and long-term service awards.

About the Company:

ADCB, or Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank, is a prominent financial institution in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) that offers a wide range of banking and financial services to individuals and businesses.

With a focus on providing innovative solutions and exceptional customer service, ADCB has established itself as a leader in the banking industry in the UAE. In this article, we will explore the various services provided by ADCB, including personal and corporate banking, wealth management, trade finance, and much more.

Whether you’re looking for a new bank or interested in learning more about ADCB’s offerings, this article will provide you with valuable insights into one of the top banks in the UAE.

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