Accountant jobs in Dubai & All over UAE (November 2022)

There are many different types of businesses and industries where one can get Accountant Jobs in Dubai.

Hospitality, accounting, and real estate are the top three sectors with the most popular accounting occupations.

Accor, Dubai Properties, and ICBC are a few companies that currently have openings in accounting.

Particularly in the UAE, a lucrative career is finance and Accountant Jobs in Dubai but, you should adept at managing financial activities.

According to Aubrey McClendon

I simply wanted to run my own business, and I believed that the best way to do so was to become an accountant.

In Dubai, the job market for accounting experts with expertise in specialized fields is extremely strong and we are going to discuss them below.

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The main things that we are going to discuss Accountant Jobs in Dubai below are:


Types of Accountants

Important Skills to be an Accountant in Dubai

Roles and Duties of Accountants

Salary of Accountant Jobs in Dubai

Qualifications for the Accountant Jobs in Dubai

Application Procedure for the Accountant Jobs in Dubai

Is CA better in the UAE than ACCA?

Top 10 Accountants Jobs that are Highly Paying

Accountant Jobs in Dubai & All over UAE (November 2022)


An accountant is a professional who carries out accounting tasks including financial statement analysis, audits, or account analysis and can establish their practices or work for an accounting firm or a big business.

They are typically intelligent people. Only then were they qualified to formally begin working in their field after completing difficult academic programs and passing multiple difficult exams. Accountants have a wealth of information and practical expertise to offer their firms.

They are free to establish their own, unique practices and these professions are mostly certified by national professional groups after completing the educational and testing standards set forth by their respective states.

Types of Accountants

There are four types of Accountants in general and these are:

Corporate, Public, Governmental, and Forensic Accountings are four categories.

For any accounting career, a bachelor’s degree is typically necessary, though prior master’s work, particularly in the accounting field, is frequently strongly preferred. We’ll go into more detail about each typical accounting sector below.

Corporate Accountants:

Corporate accounting is the usage, management, and submission of financial data for external reporting and tax compliance.

Public Accountants:

Public Accountants’ duty to clients is to assist in ensuring the accuracy of their financial accounts, records, and filings.

Governmental Accountants:

They might manage government resources, keep the financial records of government branches, or examine personal paperwork or tax returns.

Forensic Accountants:

When financial data is difficult to obtain or unattainable, forensic accountants gather, retrieve, and reconstruct the data.

These were all four types of Accountants.

Important Skills to be an Accountant in Dubai

Gaining a degree in accountancy, which teaches you the hard and soft skills you need to get a good career, is the first step in becoming an accountant.

Employers will at the very least be looking for these specialized accounting skills on your resume:

  1. Understanding of accounting procedures
  2. Expertise with accounting software
  3. Knowledge of Financial Statement Preparation
  4. Understanding of common business procedures.
  5. Possibility of Data Analysis
  6. Skills for Critical Thinking

The soft skills of accounting are:

  • Accounting Organizing Techniques
  • Skills in Time Management
  • Skills in Verbal and Written Communication
  • Continuous Education

Roles and Duties of Accountants

Even though an accountant’s daily work will vary depending on their position and employer, some of their most typical jobs and responsibilities include:

  1. Ensuring that financial records are accurate
  2. Creating and keeping up with crucial financial reports
  3. Making sure taxes are being paid accurately and on schedule, and preparing tax returns
  4. Assessing financial processes to make recommendations for best practices, spot problems and devise remedies, and aid organizations in functioning effectively
  5. Providing advice on maximizing profit, increasing revenue, and reducing costs
  6. Performing projections and risk analysis evaluations

Additionally, the law requires accountants to do their duties honestly and without negligence.

Salary of Accountant Jobs in Dubai

Dubai serves as the UAE’s financial hub and the financial experts, particularly those with credentials like the ACCA, report an increase in the demand for their services.

In Dubai, United Arab Emirates, the average monthly wage for an accountant is AED 5,000. With a range of AED 1,020 to AED 35,400, the average additional cash salary is AED 6,500.

In Dubai, United Arab Emirates, an accountant can earn up to AED 12,910 a month. In the Dubai, United Arab Emirates, region, the entry-level pay for an accountant is AED 3,000 per month.

Qualifications for the Accountant Jobs in Dubai

A degree in a financial subject, such as accounting, mathematics, or another related field, as well as a certification from ACA, CIMA, or ACCA in accounting, are prerequisites for becoming an accountant.

The abilities and experiences of an accountant are:

  1. Three to five years of accounting experience ERP expertise
  2. Strong MS Excel skills
  3. Geographic knowledge

In some circumstances, particularly for fund accounting work, knowledge of funds and investments is necessary.

Application Procedure for the Accountant Jobs in Dubai

Firstly, create a detailed profile by registering on this website. Then, look through the available accounting jobs in Dubai instantly and apply for free to any accountant job in Dubai that catches your eye.

The hiring manager or recruiter who is posting the position will receive your resume directly. Additionally, keep an eye out for emails that alert you to new job postings for accounting positions in Dubai.

Is CA better in the UAE than ACCA?

A career in accounting can lead to several employment prospects across numerous industries. Additionally, the most sought-after career in the UAE is accounting.

The majority of newly formed businesses in the UAE look for seasoned accountants to set up and enhance their financial procedures. Choose an ACCA or CA career to jumpstart a fulfilling career.

The primary flaw with CA is that it mostly concentrates on Indian corporate laws and regulations. In reality, selecting an ACCA job will give you expertise and exposure to other cultures.

A qualified CA professional can easily earn an ACCA because they are already qualified for exemptions in 9 of the 13 papers. However, after passing the ACCA, there are no paper exemptions in the CA course.

It offers in-depth knowledge of core accounting and finance, and choosing an ACCA job would be a fantastic career option for CA-qualified individuals.

Additionally, having both CA and ACCA certifications would enhance your resume and increase your employment prospects.

Top 10 Accountants Jobs that are Highly Paying

The accounting sector may provide you with whatever you’re seeking if you’re good with numbers. Learn more about the Top 10 Accounting Jobs with the Highest Pay and their duties.

  1. Financial Controller
  2. Certified Management Accountant (CMA)
  3. Chartered Accountant 
  4. Bank Branch Manager
  5. Certified General Accountant (CGA)
  6. Senior Accountant
  7. Financial Analyst 
  8. Credit Supervisor
  9. Staff Accountant 
  10. Bookkeeper

Accountant Jobs in Dubai & All over UAE (November 2022)

Because every firm needs an accountant and every association has a finance department, there are a ton of opportunities for bookkeeper accountants in just about every neighborhood in Dubai.

You may see a list of Accountant positions in Dubai, UAE and if it’s not too much bother, look at the qualification requirements mentioned below and apply for the job in the proper manner.

Some of these are for freshers, while others are for specialists. Please take advantage of everything life has to offer!

Accountant Jobs in Dubai & All over UAE (November 2022)


Is it difficult to find an Accountant Job in Dubai?

Finding a job in accounting or auditing in Dubai is a difficult endeavor. Your credentials, abilities, and willingness to put in the effort are all put to the test. There is no denying that the job market in Dubai is large, but it is also very competitive.

Is there a need for Accountants in Dubai?

Additionally, there is a high demand for finance jobs because Dubai is home to both multinational corporations and start-ups. The job market for accountants in Dubai is extremely strong for those with expertise in specialized fields.

What is the average ACCA salary in Dubai?

If you are a recent graduate and want to work as an accountant, you could anticipate earning between 400 and 7000 AED per month. In India, this income is comparable to between 70,500 and 1, 23,500 INR per month. A monthly salary of 10,000 AED is what you can anticipate if you are an ACCA-qualified accountant with two years of experience.

Which top companies in the UAE are hiring for accounting positions?

XB4, BDO UAE, Paris Group, AKW Consultants, and Pteris Global are the top employers in the UAE for accounting positions. Additionally, there are numerous other businesses in the UAE that offer accounting opportunities.

How much math is an accountant using?

Although there is only basic addition, subtraction, and multiplication involved, accounting is not pure mathematics. There might be a little elementary algebra, but that’s it. You are not required to comprehend calculus.

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